The Rules of Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling has become one of the most sought-after wrestling sports after professional and sumo wrestling. It’s a sport which is played between two players. Each player places one arm on a flat surface. The hand which is going to be used for the wrestling should have the elbows bent and touching the surface. The goal is to pin the opponent’s arm on the surface, and for doing that, you have to follow some regulations.

  • The shoulders of both players must be in a square position before the contest begins. The fist shouldn’t be very close to the shoulder.
  • The match only begins when the referee says “Ready… Go”. A player can use a riser if his waistline is below the table top. He is responsible for returning the riser after the match is over.
  • To make a pin, you must force your opponent’s arm to touch the table. You are not allowed to touch your body at any point of time.
  • If a player touches his hand to his body, a foul is declared, and the match is restarted.
  • If the player again violates this rule, then the match will be awarded to the opponent.
  • For whatever reason if the grip comes apart, the hands of the players will be strapped together.
  • If the referee sees a possibility that a player’s wrist or arm may get hurt, he may forfeit the match.
  • A wrong start is given as a foul.
  • If the player’s elbow comes out of the pocket and he gains position, then a foul is given, and it’s up to the referee to restart the match.
  • If the same situation repeats, and the player doesn’t gain any position while his elbow goes back to the pocket, a warning will be given by the referee.
  • A pin cannot be made if the elbow is out of the pocket. If a pin is made and the elbow was not in the pocket, a foul is given, and it’s up to the referee whether he wants to restart the match.
  • Don’t stop until the referee grabs both hands in the center, thereby ending the match.
  • One of the most important rules is to show sportsmanship towards your competitor.
  • You can be given a foul if you don’t behave like a true sportsman during this event.
  • If any of the players cannot experience a grip, then the referee gives them his grip, which is known as a ‘referee’s grip’. After the referee’s grip is given, any movement will directly result in a foul.
  • Bending your wrist is allowed only after the match has started. This action is called ‘hooking’.
  • The most important rule is that every decision the referee takes is final.

Useful Tips

  • Having a good grip is very important if you want to win an arm wrestling match. So, for a better grip, I suggest you get yourself a new hand gripper, which can be found at any sports store.
  • If you are a right-handed player, make sure you have your right foot in front. A good technique is to position your foot as far as you can from your opponent. This helps you get more power and force.
  • Make sure you use the right muscles. Most people like to show off their biceps while arm wrestling. Avoid using your biceps, instead, use your arms and shoulders for more force and power.

To increase your chances of winning, you need to practice a lot. Wrestle with friends and acquaintances, and as you gain experience, you’ll figure out your own way of winning.

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