At Wisconsin Arm Wrestling, we’ve developed what we call the ultimate arm-wrestling tournament. Whether you’ve never arm-wrestled in your life or if you want to get stronger or faster, Wisconsin Arm Wrestling will equip you to achieve fantastic strength, speed, and fitness.

You won’t believe what you’re capable of, no matter your current fitness level. When you give our arm-wrestling community a call, you will be connected directly to one of our friendly staff, so you can expect immediate attention to your inquiry.


In 1996, Steve Southworth traveled from Wisconsin to Georgia to compete in his first national arm wrestling tournament. Three years later, in 1999, he started Wisconsin Arm Wrestling, a group designed to help train arm wrestlers. Wisconsin Arm Wrestling holds tournaments throughout Wisconsin. All events are open to ages 2-102. There are kids, women’s open, men’s amateur and men’s pro competitions, and each bracket has weight classes.

Competitors aren’t required to have experience. If a competitor attends an event, a short training and help is available at each event.

To begin, the arm wrestler should put their elbow on a pad on the table. Then, they will do a base thumb grip, which is when the base of their thumb and the opponent’s thumb meet together. The thumbs and fingers will lower into the grip. The objective is to get the opponent’s hand to the pad or below the imaginary line between the two pads. There are several techniques competitors can use, such as the hook, to the top-roll and the press.

Hall of FAME

2018 Winners
  • Larry Gieser
  • Jerry Halverson
2019 Winners
  • Brad Eder
  • Sam Rucker
  • Ron Bath
2020 Winners
  • Adam Gerber
  • Leander Bonnet
2021 Winners
  • Tony Villa
  • Steve Southworth


State Director Wisconsin Arm Wrestling


Event Director Wisconsin Arm Wrestling

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